Monday, November 28, 2011

When our 2nd Great-Grandparents got married - who was invited?

It is June 1872 - the wedding is Saturday.Who will be there? The bride, groom ... her parents, grandparents ...
His parents, grandparents - all the aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins.
All of them.

That's what we need to do now.
As we gather our family history we need to include everyone in the tree.

Extending the tree in all directions.
Adding not just our "direct" line ancestors but all of their siblings, their children - in-laws and on and on.Turn loose the floodgates - document them all.
Drop down the family lines - on all sides - in all directions - down to 1900 - and "invite" them all to the tree.

We can do this.
The twin goals of a family historian are to:
1. Document and map out the family - every member of the family
2. Preserve, share and pass down that information to the rising generation.

Gathering the information we share it in print and online.

Put the information on
Download your genealogical information as a PDF book and upload it to Scribd (free site)

Preserved, shared

Update your book as often as you like Instantly discoverable by cousins around the world

2. Put Your information on anyone of the major "family tree" sites: Ancestry, FamilySearch, Geni and more.

Select the branches of your family tree

Don't try to upload all of it at once Try limiting your tree from 1900 going back - protecting the current generations.
Preserved, shared

Update your tree as often as you like

Make your informaiton Instantly discoverable by cousins around the world

By gathering - all of the family - and sharing it online we can preserve and pass down this information to the rising generation.

We can do this.

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