Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Record your family's stories.

My parents often told me about their reactions to the attack on Pearl Harbor.
The shock and resolve to protect and preserve the country.
Listening to President Roosevelt - black outs - war ration books.

My Dad enlisted - serving in Europe.
He received the Distinguished Flying Cross and other recognition for his service.
He would not talk of the war - even when we found books about his unit.

But we have been piecing the history together as the National Archives continues to release more papers from that period.

My family has served from the Colonial Wars - Revolutionary War down to today.
I enlisted so did my brothers, uncles, grandfathers - my wife lost a brother in the war - her father, uncles and others served.

Such is the story of our lives.

Record it and pass it down. Here is one family's remembrance of the attack on Pearl Harbor - 70 years ago today.

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